Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Facelifts Are Very Popular in the US Today

Cosmetic surgery facelifts involve setting right the skin on the face as well as neck so that any wrinkles, and other imperfections are removed leaving the face looking fresh, young and rejuvenated. Women that fear looking old and are prime candidates for this form of surgery, which is not without its attendant risks. Besides shortcomings in how much success can be achieved, it also is as risky as any other operation.

Getting a cosmetic surgery facelift involves being administered local anesthesia and then the operation gets underway starting from the ear and ending up close to the hairline at the rear of the ear. The facial skin is then separated after which the suspension of the facial areas begin. The skin is then rearranged to give a clean look and feel, and any extra underlying tissue is then removed if required. The skin that is not required is also removed after which the surgery is complete.

You will get the best results from your cosmetic surgery facelift if your skin is thin and the bone structure is good. Most women love the windswept look that they get following a cosmetic surgery facelift. Often this operation can be combined with eye surgery as well as laser resurfacing of skin tissue.

You must give up smoking and alcohol for a minimum of a month before undergoing a cosmetic surgery facelift. A good way of hiding the marks left by an incision is to grow your hair long enough so that these marks become hidden beneath the hair. You should also be prepared for a recovery time of a month.

Risks Involved

Cosmetic surgery facelifts are just as prone to risk of complications as any other form of surgery and you may bleed, find that the nerves in your face become damaged, or the skin may die on you, or you may even find that there is loss of hair at the point of incision. And, if you happen to be diabetic, then there is more risk of complication following a cosmetic surgery facelift.

You will also need to be careful about whom the surgeon that performs your cosmetic surgery facelift is, and you would be well advised to choose one who is a member of an association of plastic surgeons or some other association of national standing. The rest is in the hands of fate, though success rates are generally high even though many people can find fault of all kinds at the end of the surgery.

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