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Ancient Cosmetic Surgery

By Andrew Kelly

Cosmetic surgery is a boom industry. Although prices continually drop the cost of procedures is still prohibitively expensive for many. When considering plastic surgery many in the west look towards the east for a cheap surgeon. India has seen a dramatic increase in the number of cosmetic surgery clinics using the latest technology. Even though the cost of procedures such as breast augmentation are around half the price of western countries such as the UK it is often thought that it is of lesser quality and many have safety worries.

It may surprise the majority of potential medical tourists that India could be referred to as the birthplace of modern cosmetic surgery. What may come as an even greater surprise is that Hindu surgeons were carrying out complex operations with a greater success rate than 19th century Europe in 800BC, yes, that is over 2600 years earlier! These operations included the removal of tumours, repairing of broken bones, stitching of wounds, caesarean births, removal of bladder stones and amputations.

The surgeons also worked on the face removing cataracts and even Rhinoplasty. The tremendous success rates were due to the very high regard for hygiene and the importance of washing. Hindu surgeons were the first to carry out cosmetic surgery which was witnessed by European surgeons in the early 18th century. These surgeons then took the knowledge back to Europe. The procedure and technique was first published in the west in 1794 and was referred to as the Hindu Method.

The demand for Rhinoplasty developed in India as a common form of punishment was to cut off the nose. The surgeons performed skin grafts by taking pieces of skin tissue from other parts of the body and fixed them to the nose area. It was realised that, to reform the nose, it was necessary to keep a bridge (of the skin) attached to provide a fresh blood supply to the grafted tissue. Obviously there would have been a large amount of swelling but quills were placed into the nostrils to allow breathing. The whole surgery has changed very little to this day!

Ayurvedic doctors had at their disposal a selection of high quality steel instruments as early as AD1100. The use of steel instruments had clear advantages during surgery, most notably steel does not rust and is therefore far easier to keep sterile. Even though the idea of a hygienic surgery did not develop in the west for hundreds of years later the early Hindu doctors and surgeons benefited by their strict religious laws on cleanliness.

So, if you are considering having cosmetic surgery from a tummy tuck to full reconstructive surgery have a think about using the services of a cosmetic surgical clinic in India. You could even factor in time to take a holiday in India - what better way to recover from your surgery?

Author Details:
Andrew Kelly, copywriter for various websites including, Cosmetic Surgery Info 4u and Microdermabrasion Skin Care a growing skin care information portal.

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