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Popular Cosmetic Surgery: Breast Augmentation
"The Boob Job"

As you grow older your breasts may begin to lose volume or they may change shape. Although this is a perfectly natural progression it is possible that the problem has been aggravated by weight loss or childbirth. Many women are now looking to a form of Cosmetic Surgery called Breast Augmentation to enhance their breast's appearance.

The age at which women choose to have cosmetic surgery appears to be decreasing with a great many very young women having surgery. However breast augmentation can ONLY be performed after the breasts are fully developed. It is estimated that over 50% of breast implants are performed before the woman has her first child.

Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure in which an implant is placed behind each breast. These implants amplify the breasts' volume and enhance their shape. The implants are avaiable in different sizes, both large and small, however bigger is not always better!

How Breast Surgery Is Performed
Before your operation all areas will be discussed with you so that you fully understand the pro's and con's of the different procedures. Breast surgery depends almost entirely on the choice of implant and your surgeon will examine you fully and then discuss those that he considers most suitable for you. Then, epending on your choice of implant the surgeon will discuss which one of the 3 possible entry points will be used. The entry points are;

1. Inframammary:
This is a crease incision and is most popular because it is made in the crease under the breast so, if there is any scarring, it is not always visible.

2. Periareolar: This is when the incision is made around the areola. This is not as popular a crease incision because of the likelihood of an alteration of sensation around the area following surgery. This method may also allow a rate of implant exposure to your body's own bacteria which may lead to complications

3. Transaxillary: This incision is made in the armpit and therefore leaves the least visible scar. However this procedure is difficult as the surgeon has less placement control over the implant.

Even if you have chosen to have a crease incision (inframammary) the surgeon will take great care to make the smallest incision possible which would allow insertion of the implant. He then creates an area in the breast to house the implant. He can place the implant behind the muscle or directly under the breast tissue. This will take between one or two hours and when done the incisions are stitched and then sealed with reinforced antiseptic tape. The breasts are then bound with bandages to help the breast conform to their new shape and decrease healing time.

Post Surgery Recovery
Following breast augmentation you will have no option but to rest for the first few days. Although your breasts will be painful you will be given strong medication which will help reduce pain but also make you drowsy. [It is very important that you are aware of your pain as constant persistent pain can be a signal that there is a problem which should be investigated early to avoid complications.]

The medication will be reduced quickly as, by the third day, you will be much better. Your bandages will be removed and you will be given a special support bra. It is of the utmost importance that you follow your doctors guidance on how long you should wear this bra. The bra helps helps conform the breasts to their new shape and if you do not wear the bra for the recommended period you are likely to have problems. Your stitches will be reoved after about 10 days and your breasts will remain swollen for around 5 weeks.

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